Gmail offline app gets update, Now Downloads All Attachments

Gmail updates Gmail offline app for chrome. Now gmail offline app also supports attachments which can be accessed offline along with emails

Gmail offline appGoogle has just updated the Gmail offline app which was released last year for Google chrome to provide offline mail access without having internet connection. Google has now added many new features in this updated Gmail offline app. Now user can decide how many days an email will be stored. Google has also added keyboard shortcut support in this Gmail offline app. If you have enabled keyboard shortcuts in your gmail, all the settings will transfer to this Gmail offline app.

This Gmail offline app now also support for attachment and download all tha attachments of the email and made available along with the email.

“When we first announced Gmail offline app last August, we told you that it was only the beginning of our HTML5-powered offline journey. Since then, we’ve been listening to your feedback and today, we want to let you know about some of the key updates we’ve made to the Chrome Web Store app,” Dave Stewart, senior software engineer, wrote.

“The first update – and a personal favorite of the team- is the addition of a settings page (look for the new settings icon). You can now choose whether you want to synchronize 7, 14 or 31 days worth of mail,” he added.

Google also says that this gmail offline app is faster than older version and accessing mails and attachment is faster as well.

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