McAfee acquired NitroSecurity

McAfee has announced to acquired NitroSecurity, a security information and event management (SIEM) solutions provider.
McAfee’s Stuart McClure said in the official press release,”McAfee is focused on keeping its customers safe with optimized security and risk management solutions.”
He added,”McAfee has taken another significant step toward this goal with the proposed acquisition of NitroSecurity. With NitroSecurity’s technology and talent, McAfee can expand its reach into new markets, secure new platforms and strengthen its hold as the leader in the security risk management market.”
After this deal, company is sure to provide better security system to its customers. NitroSecurity’s technology supports a wide range of security systems including network security devices, firewalls, operating system and application logs, vulnerability assessment scans, identity and access management systems and privacy systems. Now McAfee has broad are of service and more customers.
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