STK Groovez SMC650 Bluetooth Speaker Review

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We have reviewed many Bluetooth speakers in past and this post is also about a Bluetooth speaker. STK has its affordable Groovez SMC650 product in the market. No, this is not a new product but it is worth to talk about. In this post, I will be talking about Groovez SMC650  in detail.

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STK Groovez SMC650 Bluetooth Speaker Review


The design of this Bluetooth speaker is attractive and it is small in size. As the product is small, it is easy to carry with you anywhere and enjoy music on the go. You can use it in your car or carry it with you on long trips.

The shape is cylindrical with the speaker at the top side. The base side has rubber layer for better grip. This face also contains power button. Unlike other Bluetooth speakers, this comes with physical control buttons. At one side, you see buttons receive calls, change song to next or previous and play or pause a song. These buttons look medicore but offer tactile feedback. Next and Previous track buttons can also acts as volume up and volume down buttons if you press it long.

Another face contains, 3.5 mm audio output port, Mini USB connector, microSD card slot and an indicator light.  The anti-slip base also has 2 blue color LEDs hidden below it. These flash every second during playback.


You can easily pair it with your smartphone or laptop without any issue. The range of connectivity is also fine. If you do not want to use it over Bluetooth, you have the option to insert a microSD card  or insert 3.5mm audio cable in the aux-in port. Note that it supports microSD card for up to 32 GB storage.

STK Groovez SMC650 Bluetooth Speaker Review

It also features FM radio if you want to enjoy FM. The frequency range of FM is 87mHz-108MHz and signal to noise ratio of 45dB. I consider this an advantage because most of the similarly priced speakers lack FM radio.

STK has integrated a 3W speaker in this small size body. Being small in size, expecting a good bass it wrong. Still, it has decent amount of bass. In terms of sound, it is good, loud and clear. It is loud but not as impressive as it looks. Using it on loud volume tears up the sound, but it is fine on low volume. This is the only thing that disappoints, but you can keep in enjoying music on the medium volume level.


STK Groovez SMC650 is packed with 300 mAh rechargeable Li-Polymer battery which offers around 3 hours of usage over Bluetooth. If you use it over aux cable, battery backup will be better to be around 5 hours.

Final Words

STK Groovez SMC650 is a compact and good performing Bluetooth speaker for just Rs. 1999. This product is also covered under 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.


The Review

STK Groovez SMC650

7.7 Score

"STK Groovez SMC650 is a compact and good performing Bluetooth speaker for just Rs. 1999. This product is also covered under 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty."

The Good

  • Design
  • FM Radio
  • Loud

The Bad

  • Average Battery Life
  • MIni USB connector
  • Volume tears up at full volume


  • Design 80%
  • Performance 70%
  • Battery 60%
  • Value for money 75%
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