Google Launched A New Directory To Know What Assistant Can Do


Google claims that you can now perform more than a million actions with Google Assistant. But how do you know what Assistant can do? Most of the users just ask it tell time, weather, traffic and play music. Google Assistant announced third-party actions almost a year back and there are lots of things you are missing.

To help you in this, Google has launched a new directory for Google Assistant. As a part of CES announcement, Google announced a directory where you can see what Google Assistant can do. In the directory page, you see categories on the left side and actions on right.

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Google Assistant Actions Directory

It shows what questions you can ask and what platform it is available. You can simply select categories from the left menu and see what are the options available in that. In those options, you can learn what voice commands you need to speak for performing the actions.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is still far behind Amazon’s Alexa in terms of third-party apps support, but it is getting popularity with several new partnerships. So, Google Assistant will be better with the time.


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