2 Best Ways to Find Out Who Unfollowed me on Instagram

Instagram is the best photo sharing app right now. It is beneficial for your business if you are from the creative background. Now it is becoming an influential platform. Many travelers, chefs, fashion bloggers and lifestyle bloggers use Instagram as an influencing platform to inspire others with their work.

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Every instagramer want more followers and like. They do many efforts to gain more followers. There are two effective ways to gain followers on any social media site. One is to do something creative and useful so that people like your work and follow you and other is to participate in the follow-unfollow game.

But do you ever wonder how to know which Instagram followers blocked or unfollowed you? Sadly, Instagram does not show who unfollow you. If you lose followers on Instagram, the Instagram app doesn’t tell you who unfollowed you or when it happened.

If you are a coder and know that how the Instagram algorithm works then you can use Instagram API and make your own code to find out who is your new follower and who is unfollowing you. But if you are not a coder and not even interested in such kind of ways, then don’t get sad. There are some other ways from which you can get information about who is unfollowing you on Instagram.

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There are third-party apps that can help you in keeping track of your followers and unfollowers. These apps need permission to connect with your Instagram account. After that, they are able to analyze yours follow list and tell you exactly who decided to click on unfollow button in your account. You can re-engage them by doing comments and like on their posts.

There are lots of apps that claim to tell perfectly about your search query “Who unfollowed me on Instagram”. But we have done research and found only a few of them are accurate and easy to use. Also, These apps need your Instagram passwords to link with your account. So, this is not safe to give your password to every other app on play store.

2 Best Ways to Find Out Who Unfollowed me on Instagram

If you are iOS users then there is a best third party app name “UnFollowers for Instagram -IG Followers on Tracker“. This app is best for iOS to track who unfollowed me on Instagram.

Below is the two best third-party app that can tell you who unfollowed you on the Instagram app and these are safe to use.

Unfollowers for Instagram

There is no limit in this unfollowers for the Instagram app but has ads in the free version. You can check the and analyze recent unfollowers, followers who don’t follow back, fans, mutual friends and ghost followers. The ghost followers are those followers who haven’t left any comment or like under last 10 publications of yours. In short, they are not giving you any benefit by following you.

The unfollowers for Instagram app takes your Instagram password to connect your Instagram account with its insight. It allows you follow and unfollow people directly from the app. you can also add users into Whitelist to keep it and also it gives the list of the latest comments viewer.

Developer: TopTeam
Price: Free+

Follower Insight for Instagram

With Followers Insight for the Instagram app, you can easily manage, analyze and track multiple accounts to know who followed you and who unfollowed you on Instagram. You can add only two accounts in the free version of this app.

The app has many features like you can check followers gained or followers lost, reveal the list of blockers and unfollow many non-followers who stopped following you. You can keep track of your loyal followers. It also keeps an eye on who spies you and who liked you the most.

I have been using this app since last 1 year and satisfied with it. Although some features are only for premium users. But you can get initial data for free. Talking about security, this app also takes your Instagram password for analyzing your Instagram data.

Developer: MonoMosaic
Price: Free+

NOTE: There was a third party website named “Unfollowgram” which was good in analyzing the lost followers but after some changes in Instagram policies, they disconnected it for Instagram.

You can use any of these two apps to know about unfollowers on Instagram. You can gain more followers with the help of these apps. So, engage with more people on Instagrams and gain more followers by the help of these follow unfollow tools for Instagram.