Google wants to make job search easier


Today, Google announces a job search engine for US. This job search engine will be called “Google for jobs”.

Google For Jobs will focus on all types of jobs. Google has partnered with LinkedIn, Facebook, CareerBuilder Monster, Glassdoor, and other services to show jobs on its job search.

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This platform will also leverage machine learning and A.I. to understand how jobs are classified and related. It will allow you to search, filter by location or category and check the full time or part time jobs. It will also show things like commute time to understand if the job is too far away to consider.

Google’s Sundar Pichai also mentioned the one-click Apply feature of the platform but didn’t demonstrate how this works. Pichai said that Google spoke to hundreds of people before launching this platform. It wants to address the pain people suffer while searching for a job.

Initially, the job search platform is only for the US and it could come to other countries if gets a good response.


Deepanker Verma
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