Security bug in Windows 10 Mobile allows anyone to bypass security code and access photos


Recently, a serious security vulnerability was found in Windows 10 mobile. This vulnerability allows anyone to bypass the security code of the phone and access photos on the device.

This security vulnerability was found on devices running either on production or on preview builds shipped as part of the Windows Insider program.

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To exploit the bug and access the photos, all you need to do is open the camera while the device is still locked using the camera shortcut on the lock screen. Take a photo and then open it using the little thumbnail in the left lower corner of the screen. Now delete the photo and then press back on the phone.

After you go back, now you see the black thumbnail. Just tap on it like you want to preview this photo and then press back again. tRy this thrice and you will be able to swipe through the entire photo gallery of the phone.

Was not it really simple? This security flaw has already been reported to Microsoft and the company will definitely release the patch soon.

This bug only exposes the photos and cannot be seen as a critical security flaw, but it is a major risk to privacy.



Deepanker Verma
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