5 Best Android Apps: January 2017


We are almost a month into 2017 and we take a list of Top 5 Android Apps of January 2017. Note that these best apps for android are our picks for this month and don’t necessarily mean they have been launched this month. So without further adieu, let’s get right into it.

Best Android Apps: January 2017

1. CTRL-F:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could quickly search your physical printed books with ‘CTRl-F’ key like you do on your computer? You can now, with the help of ‘CTRL-F’ app. This handy app scans the printed page using your smartphone’s camera and then analyzes it. After few quick seconds, you can search within it like you’d do on your computer with the search functionality. This clever app converts your physical paper into a digital paper and can search for texts in over 50 languages.

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We have tried this app on few handwritten notes and it worked fairly well with block letters. However, it had trouble with the cursive handwriting. This app is available on the play store for free.

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2. Walli:

Walli isn’t just another wallpapers app with gazillion wallpapers, but an app with a bunch of unique and beautiful wallpapers exclusively made by a selective community of artists from across the world.

The wallpapers are of high resolution with an astounding design. The app is extremely simple to use and is hands down one of the best wallpaper apps out there.

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3. Friendly:

Looking for an alternative to the Facebook and Messenger app? That’s where Friendly comes in. This app is everything we’ve been looking for, Light, Simple, and Secure. It saves your battery, storage, and data. Friendly lets you tailor your newsfeed as per your preferences. You can block the annoying ads and take control of your Newsfeed with keyword Filters.

What impressed was the Security and Design aspect of this app. It lets you secure your account with a passcode or fingerprint. The app also has colorful themes and allows you to adjust the font size for better readability. Another nifty feature we loved was the quick switching between different facebook accounts. This app is available on the Play Store for free.

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4. Flynx:

If you love reading an article online whilst texting on WhatsApp, you know how annoying it is to constantly switch between the two apps. Flynx is here to make your smartphone experience easier. With Flynx, you can open links without exiting your current app and the link would load in the background. Opening the link is easy as it is available on the screen, similar to Messenger’s chat heads.Flynx also lets you save the links and read the later offline. You could also share the links quickly to your favorite apps.

Flynx also lets you save the links and read the later offline. You could also share the links quickly to your favorite apps. Flynx is free to download from the play store.

Downlaod here

5. Pyrope Browser

Based on the CM Browser, Gello and Chromium, we have Pyrope Brower. Pyrope is a powerful yet lightweight browser with smooth and safe browsing experience. What caught our attention was the fact that the browser’s performance saw up to 40% boost when used on a smartphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

This browser’s Web refiner feature filters out the annoying and intrusive advertisements, It also has the basic browser features such as incognito mode, Background audio, and Webpage Save. This app also works on smartphones which do not have the Snapdragon processors but the Web Refiner feature is not included.

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