Apple Patents a System for Voice Based Photo Searching and Tagging


Apple has patented a new system that will allow users search photos stored in iOS device and tag using voice based digital assistant. And this voice based digital assistant is SIRI in iOS devices. This system would be able to tag photos based on people, location and activity in photos.

Apple Patents a System for Voice Based Photo Searching and Tagging

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This system will increase the speed and convenience of photo-tagging. You only need to speak the description of photo. For example “This is me in party,” and photo will be automatically tagged with information you provided. If there are other similar kind of photographs, it will tag those photos with the similar information. So, you do not need to tag photos individually. For searching these kind of photos, you only need to speak, “Show photos of me in party.”

It will be helpful for those who like to capture photos from their smartphone. This process will make photo searching easier. We are expecting it to be a part of SIRI. But there is no confirmation from the company. It could be a standalone feature of iOS in future updates.

Source: Patent Filing


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